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What We Offer in WP and Web Technologies Course:

WordPress is a free, open-source personal publishing system that allows you to easily create a complex blog, or weblog, on your site. Written in PHP and supported by a My SQL database, WordPress offers intuitive administrative tools and sophisticated design features that make it easy to develop and integrate a personal or professional blog on your site.

This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge of using WordPress. This workshop will explore the various means to develop a full-fledged Dynamic website in just 14 Hours using WordPress.

WordPress Workshop Topics:

  1. Overview of World Most Popular CMS Systems
  2. What is WordPress
  3. How WordPress Works
  4. Installation Of WordPress
  5. Installation Of WordPress Theme and Plugins
  6. Search Engine Optimization in WordPress

WordPress Workshop Course Structure:

  • Lecture by Expert on World Most Popular CMS – 2 hours
  • What Is WordPress – 1 hour
  • Installation Of WordPress – 2 hours
  • Finding Free Themes and Plugins and Installation – 2 hours
  • Content Creation in WordPress – 2 hours
  • Search Engine Optimization, Caching, and Security – 2 hours
  • WordPress Customization – 2 hours
  • How to Make Money using WordPress – 2 hours
  • Competiton and Certificate Distribution – 1 hour

WordPress Workshop Details:

  1. Eligibility: anybody interested in learning WordPress or Wanting to make money while learning can attend this workshop.
  2. Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit.
  3. Duration: 2 days Minimum.