Wireless Robotics

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What We Offer in Wireless Robotics Course:

Wireless Robotics is one of the innovative kinds of projects available at TECHELEX. It is completely based on wireless technology. We won’t be surprised if in mere future we don’t get to see wires as wireless technology is being incorporated at a very fast rate.

It deals in a world without wires. Wireless technology is about electromagnetic waves, Infrared, Radio Waves, etc. The students will get a complete list of wireless technology in this workshop and a student will experience different types of wireless technology.

Wireless Robotics Workshop Topics:

  1. Understanding the concept of wireless technology
  2. IR, RF, ZNRF, Bluetooth
  3. Understanding the technology used in IR TV Remote
  4. Implementation of IR Robotics
  5. Understanding RF technology and Module Available in Market
  6. Implementation of RF ROBOTICS
  7. Implementation of Bluetooth Robotics
  8. Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
  9. Practical experience for participants with DC motors, microcontrollers, sensors, and accelerometers.
  10. Designing and Development of Mobile controlled ROBOT

Wireless Robotics Course Structre:

  • Lecture by an expert trainer – 4 hours
  • Designing the Robot – 1 hour
  • Implementing of IR Robotics – 2 hours
  • Implementing of Bluetooth Robotics – 2 hours
  • Implementing of RF Robotics – 1 hour
  • Implementing of ZNRF Robotics – 2 hours
  • Fabricating the Robot – 2 hours
  • Programming Session- 5 hours
  • Testing Session and Competition – 3 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Distribution – 1 hour

Wireless Robotics Workshop Details:

  1. Eligibility: Anybody interested in learning wireless technology can attend this workshop.
  2. Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit.
  3. Duration: 3 days Minimum.