MultiBotics / TrioBotics

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What We Offer in MultiBotics / TrioBotics Course:

This is a workshop based on intelligent MultiBotics, basic electronics, or microcontroller-based robots. This workshop is dedicated to clearing the basic concept of electronic & electrical components.

In this workshop, a student will make their Self Brain Robot which will do various activities. All are based on the same concept of sensors but the designed logic is different for each.

By learning this robot you will learn many different robots:

MultiBotics / TrioBotics Workshop Topics:

  1. Understanding the concept of robot technology
  2. Understanding the utilization of basics components
  3. Understand the identification of basics components
  4. Understanding the generation of logic
  5. Understanding the minimization of circuitry
  6. Uogical implementation of robotics
  7. Practical experience for participant with dc motors, microcontrollers, sensors and accelerometers.
  8. Designing and development of multiobotics

MultiBotics / TriBotics Workshop Structure:

  • Lecture by an expert trainer – 4 hours
  • Designing the Robot – 1 hour
  • Fabricating the Robot – 2 hours
  • Implementation of Line Follower Robot – 2 hours
  • Implementation of Light Follower Robot – 1 hour
  • Implementation of Edge Avoider Robot – 1 hour
  • Testing Session and Competition – 3 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Distribution – 1 hours

MultiBotics / TrioBotics Workshop Details:

  1. Eligibility: 3rd Standard to 12th standard./li>
  2. Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit.
  3. Duration: 2 days Minimum.