Gesture (Copy-Cat) Based Robot

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What We Offer in Gesture Based Robotics Course:

Gesture-Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots that involve human-machine interaction – where a robot is controlled through hand movements. The robots take inputs from the accelerometer sensor and are controlled by programmed microcontrollers.

This workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensors, microcontrollers, and other electronic components used in Robotics. It mostly includes practical training on building robots based on gesture recognition technology, providing students a glimpse into Human-Machine Interaction technologies.

Gesture Based Robotics Topics:

  1. Understanding the working of accelerometer sensor and signal processing
  2. Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
  3. Practical experience for a participant with DC motors, microcontrollers, sensors, and accelerometers.
  4. Designing and Development of Gesture-Based Robots
  5. Participants are encouraged to think and come up with new designs

Gesture Based Robotics Course Structure:

  • Lecture by an expert trainer – 4 hours
  • Designing the Robot – 1 hour
  • Fabricating the Robot – 2 hours
  • Programming Session- 5 hours
  • Testing Session and Competition – 2 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Distribution – 0.5 hours

Gesture Based Robotics Workshop Details:

  1. Eligibility: Anybody interested in learning gesture robotics can attend this workshop.
  2. Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit.
  3. Duration: 2 days Minimum.