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What We Offer in Andronoid Course:

Smartphones are common today, be it Android, IOS, or other OS flavors. These smartphones have become powerhouses of computing and sensors in a portable package. They employ some of the same sensors and electronics modules sold as discrete components to be used in various microcontroller based projects such as Arduino.

The difficulty is in extracting and integrating these phone modules in microcontroller-based projects. But from this workshop training, it’s possible to exploit the richness of Android devices and save thousands of rupees in parts for the next microcontroller project.

A mid-range Android phone today-the ubiquitous Redmi mobile, for example, can be bought used for less than 6000. Those smartphones have tons of sensors such as GPS, gyro, compass, accelerometer, audio, and light, as well as communications functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This workshop is unique in India. From this workshop, students will be able to use mobile sensors without attaching them to a microcontroller. They will also be able to control each pin function of the microcontroller.

Andronoid Workshop Topics:

  1. Understanding of different sensors and their functions.
  2. Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers.
  3. Understanding the Basic Structure of Android Smart Phone.
  4. Understanding the Basics of Android software development.
  5. Practical experience on Arduino.
  6. Practical experience in wireless technology.
  7. Interfacing of Controller with Smart Phone.
  8. Practical Experience in utilization of android software data.

Andronoid Workshop Course Structure:

  • Lecture by Expert on Andronoid – 3 hours
  • Basic Microcontroller Programming- 2 hours
  • Fabricating the Robot – 2 hours
  • Programming the Robot – 6 hours
  • Testing of Robots and Competition – 2 hours
  • Awards and Certificates – 0.5 hours.

Andronoid Workshop Details:

  1. Eligibility: Anybody interested in learning robotics with android can attend this workshop.
  2. Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit.
  3. Duration: 2 days Minimum.