ROBO Touch

[su_service title=”What We Offer” icon=”icon: book”]Bored of running you a robot with batteries and long wires?? Then TECHELEX brings something new for you…

In this workshop, we will make a Touch Screen controlled Wireless robot, where you control your robot using the touch screen and it actually moves on the surface. The same robot can be controlled by a touch interface at a remote location.

Robo-Touch is a Robotics Workshop which is all about Touch Screen Controlled Robot. The Touch panel consists of a thin resistive layer as the sensitive layer. When a point on the surface is touched, the circuit acts as a voltage divider circuit and provides the value of the touched point.[/su_service] [su_divider top=”no”]

ROBO Touch Workshop Topics:

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  • Understanding the different types of touch panel
  • Understanding the interfacing of Resistive touch panel
  • Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
  • Practical experience for participant with DC motors, microcontrollers, sensors and accelerometers.
  • Designing and Development of Mobile controlled ROBOT
  • Participants are encouraged to think and come up with new designs
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ROBO Touch Workshop Course Structure:

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  • Lecture by an expert trainer – 2 hours
  • Installation of Software And Basics Tools – 1 hour
  • Understanding the basics Programming – 1 hour
  • LED’s Project – 1 hours
  • Interfacing of Home appliance with Microcontroller – 1 hours
  • Implementing of Serial Communication with PC – 1 hours
  • Interfacing of LCD – 2 hours
  • Interfacing with Analog Sensors – 2 hours
  • Interfacing of Keypad – 1 hour
  • Programming Session for various Application – 2 hours
  • Testing Session and Competition – 1 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Distribution – 1 hours
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  • Eligibility: Anybody interested in learning touch robotics can attend this workshop.
  • Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit
  • Duration: 2 days Minimum
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