PIC and 8051 Workshop

[su_service title=”What We Offer” icon=”icon: book”]PIC is the latest offering in many universities syllabus so we educate students with latest PIC microcontroller and also explain the basic and most difficult concept in 8051 and PIC microcontroller workshop by an expert/professional.[/su_service] [su_divider top=”no”]

PIC and 8051 Course Outcomes:

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  • Introduction of 8051 and PIC
  • Clearing the concept related to 8051 and PIC
  • Practical session on PIC
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PIC and 8051 Course Structure and Topics:

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PIC Section

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  • Architecture, Advantages of PIC, Basic Functional capability on other controllers – 1.5 Hours
  • Addressing modes, Instructions of PIC, Basic programming – 1.5 Hours
  • Introduction to ADC – 1 Hour
  • Temperature measuring instruments – 3 Hours
    • Functions
    • Implementation
    • Logic programming
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8051 Section

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  • Introduction and Information about Embedded System – 1 Hour
  • 8051 Microcontroller and Requirements – 1 Hour
  • Addressing Mode, Basic Program, Timers and Interrupts – 4 Hours
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  • Eligibility: Engineering students from Electronics and Computer department who are interested in working with the latest technology and learning new microcontrollers attend this seminar.
  • Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit
  • Duration: 2 days Minimum
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