Haptic Arm

[su_service title=”What We Offer” icon=”icon: book”]A modern state of robotic technology made robots working self-reliant which is the greatest advantage, at the same time human-machine interaction is very less. Despite the fact, technology is flourishing rapidly still creatures having fears of automation robots in some circumstances like the handling of hazardous materials and robotic surgery. Haptic arm plays a vital role in such circumstances.

Haptic is the wonderful technology where touch sensation and human-machine interaction can support to control the robots. Our HAPTIC ARM workshops assist the engineers to learn about the haptic arm technology which uses the gesture established robotic arms. Arduino the prominent open-source integrated development environment and hardware embedded board can control the actuators depending upon the gesture actions. In this workshop, we train the future engineers about haptic technology and Arduino.[/su_service] [su_divider top=”no”]

Haptic Arm Workshop Topics:

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  • Introduction to Hardware and Software of Arduino Development platform
  • Exposure to design of Robotic Arm and its control procedures
  • Developing the Electronics circuitry involved in Robotic Arm
  • Understanding and implementing the Robotic Arm control using Sensors
  • Learning about the Embedded Programming to Control the Robotic Arm
  • Hands-on experience for participants with Human–machine interfaces
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Haptic Arm Course Structure:

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  • Understanding Arduino development Platform and Robotic Arm Technology – 3hrs
  • Exposure to Design and mechanisms involved in building Robotic Arm – 2hrs
  • Fabrication of Robotic Arm and its circuit Assembly with sensors, Arduino development board and DC motors – 4hrs
  • Programming and Calibration of the Robotic Arm using Arduino software
  • Testing of Robotic Arm – 4hrs
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  • Eligibility: Anybody interested in learning robotics arm can attend this workshop.
  • Certificate and Awards: Certificate of Participation and Merit
  • Duration: 2 days Minimum
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