Process to Implement Your Projects

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Steps We Take to Implement Your Project Plan.


Site Survey

Every site has its own architectural features and different requirements. Our staff of expert presales experts conducts surveys with each client to assess the site's requirements. It also gathers primary documents and creates the bill of material necessary on-site.

Primary Requirement Includes:
  1. Site electrical layout
  2. Appliance to automate
  3. Ambiance of sites/li>
  4. Site photograph
  5. Architect suggestion
  6. Client special need/requirement.
TECHELEX Team Site Survey
Project Implementation Planning

Site Survey

Selecting a plan for a project ahead of starting it is vital for project success. Before initiating any project, our team carefully plans out the steps it is going to take to successfully bring its order to completion. After a project is planned, our technicians create a list of all necessary devices and make sure the design of said devices fits the needs of your site.

After the plan has been finalized by the client, necessary files and devices are transffered to the technical site ready for implementation.


Installing the appliance begins once our presales team passes a project plan to the project team. The project team conducts an in-depth review of all the documentation, plus the necessary tools and safety equipment. Safety is our prime concern for every project, so we make sure our team is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.
TECHELEX team's Project Installation Process
Testing and Configure the Final Installation

Testing and Configuration

Once installation of all devices as required is complete, our testing engineer will re-verify the electric connectivity of all devices and ensure they are installed without exposing any of the copper shields.

The engineer then configures each appliance before moving on to add automation procedure using the smart home automation app downloaded. Then, applications for each device are downloaded, and automation processes are activated based on how logic executes.

After a competent assessment is complete, a client receives all of the necessary documents needed.