Be Aware, Be Prepared, Anywhere.

Remain aware of your home, even while you're away or conducting business travel. With smart surveillance cameras that provide round-the-clock monitoring, connecting with what is important is simple.
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Maintain 24*7 Uninterrupted Surveillance Easily

Live HD Streaming and Recording

Live video streaming straight to your phone enables you to watch what’s happening outside and inside your house or property in real-time.

Intelligent Motion Detection Alerts

Set your iPhone or smart device to receive alerts and push notifications when there is any unwanted movement in your home premises. Trigger the camera and see for yourself.

Weatherproof Protection

Design that withstands all kinds of weather is built to be robust, no matter the season.

24*7 Monitor Your Home or Property with Smart Home Security System

A Property With a Smart Security Alarm System Has …

Determent Rate
Alarm Success Rate

Top Reasons For Theft Aversion

Recognize Your Visitors or Give Instructions to Delivery Men/Women with Smart Security System

Secure Your Main Entry Door Areas

Monitor visitors for safety and security reasons as well as learn about who is paying you surprise visits. Inspect your main doorway prior to opening it to confirm safety.

Anywhere you are on a work assignment or vacation getaway, you have the capability to monitor the status of your house's main entryway from our remote access service.

Detect and Monitor Every Movement

Activate motion-sensing cameras in your residence 24*7 to keep an eye fixed on your home and business premises. Activate the sensors of your surveillance cameras so that they react to any unwanted actions.
24*7 Monitor and Detect any Moments Across your Property
Day and Night 24*7 CCTV Surveillance System

Safety at Any Time of the Day

Be sure your security/surveillance cameras are operating constantly. You should be able to watch video of excellent quality, from almost anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet.

One of the unique characteristics of the smart security cameras is that they can provide outstanding night vision so that you can see and monitor the surveillance area 24*7 a day.