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Primarily for startups and small businesses that wish to make a bold statement.
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What is Office Automation?

Office automation is linking the components of your workplace (lamps, fans, air-conditioning units, projectors, etc.) to a network and ensuring everything synchronizes together.

For instance, you can set up scenarios for various occasions like meetings, presentations, birthday celebrations, client visits, etc. You can even turn on, turn off, or change the intensity of the overhead lights automatically when no one is around.

The biggest advantage? Our wireless automation system can be installed within a short time and does not require renovation or demolition of the existing site.

Smart Office Automation Concepts

What's a Smart Home Concept?

Did you know that it only takes less than six seconds for someone to form an opinion about you and your business? While all growing companies/startups create splendid special offerings, the primary judgments they make are based on their feeling about your brand image and work environment.

Why not take the opportunity to appear to be a bit enthusiastic, geeky and ‘out of the box’ creative?

Office automation helps create an exceptional workplace where guests can gain an unsurpassed, fully immersive experience. Innovative technology minimizes glitches and optimizes the operational costs of an organization.

While your competitors focus on just preserving their existing design with updated aesthetics, you can surpass them by making your office a high-tech playground.

A Office With a Awesome Workplace Environment Has …

Every thriving organization makes a great investment to create the perfect work environment where the team members experience the considerable inspiration and the will to work. Well, guess what? Automation takes it a step further.

Our smart office technology provides a world-class, high-tech office experience for everyone involved. By making it easier for your employees, clients, and stakeholders to save energy, we can offer true, connected experiences for everyone in the office.

Top Benefits Of Awesome Workplace

Make Your Team's Office Presentation Stand Out.

Make Your Presentation Stand Out.

Normally, it takes about a few minutes to power up, pull back on the screen, and begin a presentation. Yet as opposed to wasting this time, why don't you have it ready at a push of a button?

Drive a new era with our wireless automation technology, which can run complex manual tasks through voice, gesture, or smartphone input.

Prepare Coffee From Your Desk.

Forget long queues that have makes it difficult for you to enter. Forget complicated, hard-to-use coffee machines, and now you have the ability to choose your favorite coffee from your phone, and will get a notification when it's ready for you.
With the help of Automation, Brew Your Own Coffee from Your Smartphone.
Smart Indoor Climate Control System

Automate and Control Office Climate.

If your office's thermostat is too high or too low, it might affect your employees' attitudes, impair productivity, and decrease satisfaction. But if the temperature is perfect, it will make your employees feel 10x more engaged and you'll accomplish more.

Smart thermostat technology analyzes your daily use patterns and adjusts the temperature only as long as it needs. It also functions to save energy by lowering the power when it is not essential.

Manage Your Employees Remotely. From Anywhere.

You have a lot going on and want to be able to stay current with everything going on in your workspace. You have multiple offices and would like to have an app that can make things easier on you for multiple zones of your office.

We have you covered. Our PoE IP network lets you monitor and have access to your work environment from anywhere in the world.
Monitor and Manage Your Employees Remotely.
Smoke, Fire or Temperature Detector to Prevent Accident

Protect Your Employees.

Get instant notifications if there's a fire, smoke, or flood emergency in your office. Unlike wired alarm systems that don't function under critical circumstances, our wireless sensors work in any situation and can even be configured to automatically take predefined actions.

Like, as immediately cutting off the gas supply, unlocking all the doors, or calling security.

Intelligent Sensing Technology to Save Energy.

You can reduce energy usage by as much as 30%, simply by optimizing switching times and turning lights off when they are not in use. Create an eco-friendly workplace. Smartly conserve energy, without compromising comfort.
Automate Lobby Lights. Save Electricity. Save Energy.