Modernize Life by Turning On Intelligent Living.

Home automation takes comfort to a new level, making it possible for you to control your television, music system, Xbox, air-conditioner, or window covering wirelessly from a single universal remote.
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Multiple Gadgets, A Single Control.

Easy Integration and Configuration

Remove individual remotes to control separate appliances. Integrate and Control devices across brands and applications under one roof with a single remote control or smartphone.

Create Intelligent Scenes and Schedules

You set scenes to trigger multiple devices at a time at certain times of the day in order to comfort your household after a hard day at the office. When you return home, your house will welcome you.

Effective Audio Distribution in all Rooms

Connect all your speakers and streams in each room to play the same music or stream different music as you wish.

Control Multiple Devices with Smart Home Multimedia System

Connect With Your Home in Smart Way

Easy Integration of Devices for One-Touch Control in Smart Home Multimedia System

Easy Integration of Devices for One-Touch Control

Get rid of the use of multiple remotes for each of your appliances. Coordinate a number of household appliances such as lights, AC, and fridge together with one single remote and user-friendly smartphone app.

You can create a scene for different activities, schedule events, schedule timers for smart devices to perform various functions, and execute scenes the entire day.

Immersive Smart Home Audio Video Experience

Stream your favorite videos or music playlists directly from your smartphone to your wireless speakers or TV to create the ultimate audio/video entertainment.

Easy-to-use app helps in faster pairing, smooth streaming, and easy control.
Immersive Audio Video Experience with Smart Multimedia System