Don't Think. Just Instruct.

Introducing Amazon Echo, the world's first voice assistant capable of hearing from anywhere. Want to turn on your air-conditioning unit? Need help planning your grocery list? Want to call an Ola? No need to pull out your smartphone. Just ask Alexa.
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Interactive Smart Home Management

Control Smart Home through Voice Commands

Control your home appliances either individually or in preset categories using voice commands. Say the trigger word and be done.

Stream Music from Your Smartphone

Connect your phone to the Amazon Echo via Bluetooth, and then play music while you’re on the go with the Echo. Control your playlist, change tracks, and adjust the volume with voice commands.

Ask About Almost Anything.

Your Amazon Echo allows you to learn more about different things. Set reminders for your daily activities, never miss on your schedules, get valuable ideas and more.

Interactive Smart Home Control Using Alexa, Siri or Google Nest Home

Control Your Home or Music with Alexa Like a Pro

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Third Party Skills
Amazon Echo, Always Your Companion to Manage Interactive Home

Always Your Companion at Any Time of the Day

Smart lighting makes it possible to manage your lights with a smartphone app or a tablet. Select the spectrum of warm cool white lights and regulate the intensity to suit your needs. Add splashes of different lighting and colors and celebrate every occasion with a unique glow.

Far-Field Voice Recognition

The Amazon Echo comes with seven microphones integrated into the top ring. These come with a beam-forming and enhanced noise-cancellation technology.

The far-field voice recognition technology of the Echo allows you to issue commands even while the music is playing.

The Echoes will respond to your voice commands immediately if you use only "Alexa" (or any other wake word you have set) when utilizing the device.
Far-Field Voice Recognition with Amazon Alexa Echo
Control Your Smart Interactive Home with Amazon Alexa Echo Devices

Control Your Smart Home

Your automated home can now be even more exciting with the addition of the Echo to your home automation system. You can efficiently perform everyday activities with the Echo, such as turning on your lights or fixing a problem.

Once you have paired your Echo with other devices, such as SmartThings, LIFX, or Philips Hue, you can ask "Alexa" to control your lights, fans, switches, etc.