Control Light Color Everyday, Your Way.

Change the shade to suit your mood with whatever time zone you're in. Set your lighting schedule, turn them on and off with your phone, and allow remote control from anywhere in the world. All of that can be done without a fuss, thanks to wireless lights.
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Setting the Mood Just Got Easier

Infinite Colours and Shades

You can tailor your lighting based on your mood or the time of day by selecting from 16 million different colors.

Control Anything From Anywhere in the World

You can remotely control your lights from anywhere. You can also configure as well as simulate presence activation scenarios, giving the impression that you’re home.

Connect with Other Smart Home Devices

Your lighting is controllable through smart-home devices. It adjusts its intensity in response to events.

Set Your Mood with Smart Lights Infinite Hues and Shades

Turn On Your Moments. Turn On Your Fantasy.

Million Colours
Mood Presents
Maximum Connected Bulbs
Energy Savings
Smart Home Light Colour Control With App

Control From Your Smartphone

Smart lighting makes it possible to manage your lights with a smartphone app or a tablet. Select the spectrum of warm cool white lights and regulate the intensity to suit your needs. Add splashes of different lighting and colors and celebrate every occasion with a unique glow.

Create The Ideal Mood

Synchronize your smart lighting with your chosen playlist and enable it to dance along with you at every beat. Turn your house into a dance floor and consist of extra spark to your party. Just download the app, sync, and begin.
Create Perfect Mood with Smart Home Lighting
Plug n Play Smart Home Philips Hue Lights

Plug-and-Play Setup

As each bulb features the chipset for communicating with your home network, it makes it simple to set up for smart bulbs. No need to set up a hub between light bulbs. Your smart lights are just plug-and-play devices, like traditional lights.
The complete installation process can be completed in three simple steps:
  1. Install your bulb
  2. Download the app
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy