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Employ mood lighting to create an atmosphere of tranquility. Save energy with smart sensing. Unlock doors and flip the switch from a touch screen. Welcome to the future for hotels.
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What is Hotel Automation?

Automation systems in hotels allow hoteliers control over hotel operations while optimizing and streamlining processes to cut costs and increase guest satisfaction. This includes things like

  1. Guests have the option to check-in and out without interacting with a front desk employee using contact-less check-ins.
  2. Smart app control of the lights, TV, fans, blinds, A/C, and heating, along with all in-room technology, enables guests to personalize a room while controlling energy consumption and costs.
  3. Real-time online requests (housekeeping, don’t disturb, laundry, and maintenance) with automated notifications so relevant employees are instantly notified.
  4. Intuitive scheduling and task management that minimizes staffing costs and distributes workloads evenly.
From turning lights on and off in hotels to initiating curtains at the end of a stay, we help hotels adopt guest-centric technology to provide high-tech experiences.

All our concepts and use cases are backed by premium brands (Philips, Zipato, Fibaro, Nest, Amazon, etc.), and we provide the best customer support to make sure you’re worry-free about running your hotel smoothly.

Our retrofit automation elements fit effortlessly behind your existing socket outlets and require no internal wiring.

Smart Hotel Automation Concepts

Add Another Star to Your Hotel Experience.

Independent hotels today are focused on providing their customers with tempting and unfamiliar experiences with a uniquely warm atmosphere. As the beauty of interior design and fine art intensifies, luxury hotels are eclipsing the competition by creating engaging experiences in unique facilities.

Think about the way luxurious hotels usually have grand fronts and upmarket interiors. Many high-end hotels offer a plethora of amenities, including swimming pools and napping rooms. How do you make a lasting impression on your guest that will keep them talking for months and years and an extra star to your hotel online review?

Automation uses the power of technology to create delightful experiences for your customers, which makes your hotel stand out from the competition.

Engagement Boosts Profitability.

According to Gallup Survey 2014, customers who are enthusiastic about a product are less price-sensitive, as their emotional connection to the brand justifies a higher price tag. 33% of luxury clients spent almost twice as much as other clients, and were much more likely to consider hotels that provided a premium experience.

Notably, the survey reveals that over 55% of guests who stayed in luxury hotels were willing to pay extra for higher-end entertainment, comfort and Internet services. in other words, customers who are interested and paid more are able to make the greatest advocates for your business.

Customer Engagement v/s Revenue

Segment % Fully Engaged Average Amount Spent
Luxury 33% $910
Upper Upscale 26% $553
Upscale 28% $556
Upper Midscale 21% $378
Midscale 19% $310
Economy 12% $176
Smart Home Light Colour Control With App

Match Everyone Mood and Emotion.

Whether you need to maintain a relaxing setup as guests enter or leave your resort or you want to transform the setting to suit the right mood, sentiment, or occasion, you can now create a changing atmosphere right away.

Controlling Multimedia is at Your Fingertips.

Your guests now don't need a completely separate remote to control all of the devices in the room. With a single universal remote using their smartphones, they can now control multiple television sets, set-top boxes, music systems, and more. The best part? You can set up intelligent scenes to make more than one activity work in unison.
Easy Integration of Devices for One-Touch Control in Smart Home Multimedia System
Advanced Keyless Access Control for Your Guests.

Advanced Access Control Without Keys.

Guests no longer need to manually open their doors to get out to order room service or food. With smart locks, guests can also lock or unlock their doors from anywhere, making use of their smartphone or voice control.

Setup an Free/Paid Wi-Fi for Your Customers.

Give FREE internet access to customers for a defined period. Start billing them extra for each extra hour, day, or MB of data with automatic network analysis applications.
Setup Free and Paid Wi-FI Systems for Your Hotel Guests.
Smart Indoor Climate Control System

Automate Hotel Climate in the Automatic Way.

Providing guests access to touchscreen programs that allow them to comfortably and appropriately regulate an indoor temperature will give them added convenience. Even better, the smart sensors can even adjust the room's thermostat based on the weather outside, so the temperature always becomes nice and cozy.

Intelligent Sensing Technology to Optimize Usage and Save Energy.

You could reduce your energy expenses by up to 30% by employing intelligent sensors that turn lights on only when people are detected in the area. Discover a better, smarter way for saving energy with automation.
Automate Lobby Lights. Save Electricity. Save Energy.