Develope the Hospital of the Future.

What are the building blocks of the healthcare industry? Hospitals. The hospital of the future should be built in a way that is sustainable and allows for growth. It should be built to last, but with an eye to the future.
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What's a Hospital Automation System?

Hospital automation is a revolutionary innovation that allows you to automate all of the functional components of your hospital (lighting, HVAC, security, etc.) by leveraging your smartphones.

Utilizing our wireless automation methods, healthcare companies can deliver unparalleled services for their clients as well as their families and friends, while boosting scalability, visibility, and profitability of their organization.

In legacy automation service plans, you can add only a few smartphone integration features, but we offer a number of touch points, like voice and gesture recognition to deliver enhanced functionality and utility to our clients.

Patients can now use their voice or hand gesture rather than physically going to their bedside when the turning on lights, communicating with family members or asking to speak to a nurse.

Our automation products are 100% wireless, plug-and-play systems, which means they can be installed behind your switches and outlets without causing any damage to your property.

Smart Hospital Automation Concepts

Provide Excellent Healthcare Facilities on a Large Scale.

Clinical facilities at leading healthcare organizations aim to please patients to the best of their abilities, but as they grow over time, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep patient satisfaction high and operating costs manageable. With hospital automation technology, hospitals can now ease workflows, decrease turn-around time, and flatten the demand-supply curve.

For example, you can set up automated triggers for patients to get timely medical care. You can also design an automated task-assignment system to track team member performance and discover resolution time. Our automation technology can help you set up complicated environments, even for the most specialized tasks.

How to Control Hospital Automation? (Patient Prospective)

  • Control Everything with a Touch: You want to turn off the air conditioner? Or would you like to open the door, without getting up? Our easy-to-use technology framework makes it simple for patients to regulate all the functional elements of their room, from their smartphone.
  • Control Through a Voice: We understand that not everyone is going to be excited about using their smartphone in the event that they are not feeling well. This is the reason we provide complete voice integration for configuring functional elements in the room. Patients can use voice commands to control lights, lock/unlock doors, change the TV channels, or adjust the room temperature.
  • Control Through Hand Gestures: If patients do not want to use their voice or text to interact with the room’s control elements, we also support hand gesture recognition. By moving their hand over a preset line, patients can now get things done easily. We even support muscle-movement tracking, allowing users to take actions with minimal body movement.
Keep an Eye on Your Patients from Your Location.

Keep an Eye on Your Patients from Anywhere.

We make it easy for medical caretakers to watch, monitor, and view their patients anywhere in the world in real-time using any mobile device or PC.

Receive Real-time Notifications from Patients.

Without proper human resources, it's difficult to scale hospital operations in a way that allows every staff member to devote adequate time to each patient.

Using hospital automation, now you can now send instant notifications to designated caretakers if the patient becomes unresponsive for an extended time period or requires exceptional care.
Get Real-time Notifications
Stay Updated about Patient Condition with AI Sensing Technology.

Stay Updated with AI Sensing Technology.

From tracking room temperature to sensing real-time patient movements, it's now simple, convenient, and beneficial for caretakers to electronically update all relevant environmental parameters, even while on the go.