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A home automation system helps you control your home's appliances and features as a whole so that you can easily make your home more secure and comfortable. You could even enjoy larger household savings.
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What's a Home Automation System?

Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Internet, allowing them to be controlled remotely. Some of these devices trigger one another, and as such, you can program your devices independently.

Home automation involves water, heating, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other products in your home are controlled remotely, via an app or voice-activated remote. Home automation makes day-to-day life much more convenient and comfortable, and it can even save you money on energy bills.

To make it easier for you to navigate the process of automating your home, we have broken this process down into a variety of concepts.

Smart Home Automation Concepts

Think of concepts as the building blocks for your lifestyle of an intelligent home.

In contrast to a vehicle, where you must build the entire framework to make it work, you won’t have to buy a whole home automation system to start developing an intelligent lifestyle. You can start with just one of the smart homes concepts, and create your own smart home from there.
Intelligent Lighting Systems: Our Smart lighting accessories allow you or anyone from your family to control your lighting modes and colors with just the push of a button. Want to set a romantic mood or a retro-future in your living room? The smart lights now are as simple as one touch away.

What’s more? Our smart lighting solutions enable you to create custom and personalized schedules, so you can have them turned on in the evening and turned off automatically when you’re off to go to bed. They can be triggered to simulate an occupied house and can be activated remotely from anywhere in the world.

Smart Home Security System: Our smart home security systems can help protect your home or property from unwanted intruders. Once armed, motion sensors, security door sensors, and window sensors will alert you if unwanted visitors try to get into your house while you're away.

Arming doors with additional security provides access to mental peace. As a secondary channel of defense, we also provide and install doorbells and smart locks, fully wireless.

Interactive Home System: You no longer have to reach out to switchboards or operate a dozen remotes to get things done. You can now control everything in your house by simply using your smartphone or by simply talking to it.

We support additional gestures corresponding to motions processing (move your hand in the air) or touch recognition (do a knock knock in Underwood style).

Smart Home Multimedia System: You are able to control your television, Xbox, or music player by using your smartphone. Our smart home multimedia system also offers sophisticated options like multi-room playback, custom scenes, streaming over WiFi, and more.

Smart Energy Efficient System: Use technological power to reduce your power costs. Our smart energy-efficient sensors automatically turn down or off your air conditioner, lights and fans when you're not at home. If that isn't enough, we also offer you insight into how much you spent and how you can save by creating custom schedules.

Smart Accident Prevention: You can get instant mobile notifications when you are hit by a natural disaster at home. You can also use the central automation system to trigger specific alarms and take preventive care. For instance, the system can alert you when your house is on fire, turn on lights to capture attention, or disable all house locks to leave the house faster in an emergency evacuation.

Smart Indoor Climate Control System: Home automation allows you to control your living environment. Ambient temperature is now able to be tracked across all corners of the area and automatically directed to your central air conditioning system for superior cooling.

System controls let you schedule cooling and air conditioning systems so they turn off after a window or door is left open for a long duration of time.

Smart CCTV Surveillance System: Keep an eye on your residence even when you're away on your business trip or on vacation. With wireless surveillance cameras that give you constant monitoring, it's easy to stay linked to everything that is going on in your home. The wireless surveillance cameras may be installed according to your needs (standalone cams), or they may be set up to secure a covered area.