Discover a Smart Way to Conserve Energy.

Utilize automation to intelligently save money. Enable your air-conditioner, lights, and fans to switch on only when you're at home. Track your energy consumption, and set personalized schedules to maximize your efficiency and comfort.
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Energy Management Turns Simpler

One Touch Control

Check and monitor the status of all your electrical appliances from your smartphone. Control the devices at your fingertips and easily.

Energy Monitoring and Saving

Keep track of energy usage patterns created by different electrical appliances in your home. Turn the lights based on your presence and the schedule you established in order to conserve energy.

Learn Usage Patterns

Your lighting is controllable through smart-home devices. It adjusts its intensity in response to events.

Simple Energy Management System for Smart Home Controlled via Smartphones

With Smart Energy Saving Technology, You Can …

Save Energy
Optimize Consumption

Top Saving Areas

Energy Consumption Detailed Analytics Generated by Smart Home Energy System

Detailed Analysis for Energy Usage

Get a complete and detailed breakdown of all of the energy usage modes your domestic home appliances use.

You're able to take advantage of controller-generated chart patterns so as to regulate your appliances as per requirement. For example, you can turn on appliances when you are away.

Scheduling of Events

Set a timer on your electrical appliances to prevent them from running excessively and lowering your monthly costs. Control the air-conditioner or your geyser using a timer and set a weekly schedule.
Schedule Timer Automatically using Smart Home Energy-Control System
Electricals Devices Usage Patterns Monitoring

Learning Usage Patterns

Wouldn't it be romantic if your home cherished you along with the many services it provides? Turn on the coffeemaker as soon as you are sleeping inside your home for your five minutes of morning sleep. Depending on the type of gadgets in your house, the smart home controller learns your habits and configures your devices to improve your well-being and security.