Experience the Ultimate Level of Comfort.

Coordinate the temperature of each room, and let the cooling or heating to demand your central air conditioning automatically room after room, in order to maximize your energy efficiency.
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Smart Climate Control for Optimum Living

Set the Correct Temperature

Before you return home from a local day at work, turn on your AC unit. Monitor the room temperature and regulate the temperature to achieve optimal energy usage.

Automated Control Based on Climate Changes

In case of rising black clouds and a drop in the quantity of lighting, turn on your indoor lights. If it rains, turn off the garden sprinklers by sensing the amount of moisture in your garden.

Smart Temperature Patterns Learning

The Smart Thermostat will learn your indoor, ambient temperature patterns based on your daily habits and turn air conditioners or other devices on automatically.

Smart Indoor Climate Control System

Enjoy the Cozy Temperature and While Saving Money

Energy Saving
Saving on Heating
₹ Saving on Cooling
Set the Perfect Climate Conditions for Your Smart Home

Set the Perfect Home Conditions

Set your room to the desired temperature, take full advantage of the automation, and adjust the your living room for a pleasant atmosphere when you say "goodbye" for the day. Choose the optimal time to trigger the AC regarding your schedule to make the most of its convenience.

Apply smart judgment to your thermostat based on temperature and weather conditions for the best results.

Learn Electrical Usage Pattern with Thermostat

Smart thermostats can automatically sense when your energy usage differs widely among on a daily basis. Through your daily schedules and routine, the smart thermostat will specifically assess your energy usage and instruct your smart home device if necessary.

This decreases your burden and work of monitoring the energy usage and adjusting your smart settings.
Learn Electrical Usage Pattern with ThermostatLearn Electrical Usage Pattern with Thermostat