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Eliminate manual interactions. Reduce overall energy usage. Integrate security interventions that can be immediately activated. The future of residential and commercial environments is fully automated.
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What’s a Smart Building?

A smart building uses technology to enable the economical and useful use of resources while providing a secure and comfortable environment for tenants. Smart buildings can utilize a number of existing technologies and may be designed or retrofitted in a way that will allow them to easily integrate additional technological innovations in the future.

IoT sensors, building management systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality are a few of the devices and robotics that might be used in a smart building to successfully control and optimize its performance.

For eg, a smart building may sense triggers such as temperature, humidity, smoke, etc., and initiate an alarm in response. It can also detect the presence of an intruder, take a picture and notify the security team.

While home automation relates to controlling functions and also elements in your house, building automation focuses on saving energy, taking care of resources, and lessening downtime.

We leverage our comprehensive knowledge to install the whole technology stack for residential/commercial spaces, configuring the hardware, and providing active 24*7 support for the designed use-cases.

All building automation solutions provided by TECHELEX Team are retrofit operations, meaning that you won't need to change the existing wiring layout in your building in order to turn it into a smart building. It takes place in the background, without you even knowing it was there. Just like magic.

Smart Building Automation Concepts

Why Do We Need Smart Building?

To increase the well-being of your residents by optimizing their productivity, it’s practical to design an intelligent building. Implementing it will conserve energy, streamline workflows, and reduce operational costs.

Think, for example, about the power you can save by minimizing the use of lobbying lights or knowing about potential dangers such as fire, flooding, burglary, and so forth.

The significant benefits of investing in an intelligent infrastructure is realized after long-term use, which is why they’re chosen by only about one percent of Indian construction developers.

Technology is becoming more affordable (Moore’s law), and it is not unreasonable for us to envision a surge in the adoption of intelligent building technology in India.
Automate Lobby Lights. Save Electricity. Save Energy.

Automate Lobby Lights. Save Electricity.

Dim the lights or turns them off to everyone's advantage, but only when no one's nearby. Encourage the lobby or basement to be lighted only when someone passes by with the automated home/business energy hack. The standard estimates a much-reduced overhead of 80%.

You will be Notified Prior to Intrusion.

Our smart security system keeps track of security alarms that run throughout the residential or business building, and informs the central control center whenever an intrusion is detected.
Get Notified Prior to Intrusion Burglary
Open Garage Doors from Your Smartphone Remotely.

Open Garage Doors from Your Smartphone.

Give restricted parking access to your building's residents by utilizing RFID-based access control systems. Alternatively, let them enter their private parking spaces merely by activating the button on their smartphone. No keyfob is required.

Trigger Fire alarms and Smoke Detectors, When Needed.

Install fire, smoke, and flood detectors in all your smart buildings, and also get an instant notification if disaster strikes. Configure damage control procedures that will proactively discontinue your power supply or gas supply in the event of an emergency.
Smoke, Fire or Temperature Detector to Prevent Accident
Save Water with Water Management Automation

Water Management Automation

Using state-of-the-art deep-water sensors and processes, you can control your water level simply by pressing a switch. Therefore, you will not need to manually turn on the water pump for sprinklers and other applications at low water levels.

Keep an Eye on Every Floor.

With our PoE-enabled IP cameras, you can keep an eye on every room, and building on your campus inside and out. Access privileges can be given to residents in the building, so they can consent to guests and monitor their homes efficiently and remotely.
24*7 Monitor Your Home or Property with Smart Home Security System
Not a Building, but a Smart and Healthy Lifestyle.

Smart and Healthy Builduing Lifestyle.

When you buy a home, you don't just buy bricks, mortar, and furniture. You buy an experience. That's exactly what we aim to deliver, with our buildings' automatic controls being so carefully designed so that they fit your luxurious lifestyle.

Using cutting-edge technology for building automation, you can have a significant jump in improving energy efficiency, security, and convenience.