Always Protect Your Loved Ones

You can then receive alerts on your smartphone when your home is affected by a spark, flooding, or any other disaster, and you can set up the central detection system so that it immediately takes protective actions.
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Protection Against Natural Accidents

Sensors for All-Round 24*7 Protection

Quick detection of any naturally alerting events, such as a sudden increase in temperature as a result of a fire or gas leakage or water leakage from any room being unapproachable.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Immediately notifies you and within time of the hazard connected with any natural disaster and allows you to help prevent any more damage.

Effective 24*7 Protection Against Natural or Man-Made Disaster or Accidents

Smartly Protect Your Family Against Accidents or Mishaps

Smoke, Fire or Temperature Detector to Prevent Accident

Smoke and Temperature Sensing

In addition to running only as a smoke sensor, smoke sensors also have the capability of detecting sudden changes in temperature. Sometimes the sensor may fail to act appropriately if there is no detected smoke, but the temperature of the environment starts increasing.

If the temperature rises above 54 degrees, the sensor will detect it and a threat alert will be raised.

Instant Flood Detection and Difficult to Submerge

The flood sensor's design permits it to endure a range of temperatures in the -10 to +95 degrees Celsius range, perfect for both fast and slow flooding situations.

The enclosure is entirely waterproof, making it tough for the sensor to submerge, and it floats due to its buoyancy and so it is able to continue sending data to the main control device.
Sensors for 24*7 Detection and Difficult to Submerge into any Liquid
Smoke Detector for Smart Home Accident Protection and Prevention

Connect Smoke Detector with Other Devices

The Smoke Sensor can be set up to operate in conjunction with the other devices of the smart home ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor will immediately report home security central notification center, your smartphones, and private caregivers in the case of a fire breaking.

With the press of one button, you can open blinds, doors, windows, turn on lighting for the escape route and much more.