We are a group of engineers, designers, makers, and hackers that live in the heart of Mumbai, India. We've been hacking electronics since we were teenagers and have been working at various electronics companies since then.
TECHELEX is a multi-functional engineering company that basically focuses on electronics in education and manufacturing. TECHELEX deals in imparting educational training in electronic institutions like schools, colleges, and other technical institutions alike. We venture into a robotics training provider, making students learn how to make robots on their own using normal electronic concepts. We have conducted robotics workshops successfully in many reputed engineering colleges in India and we aim to become the pioneering technical workshop organizers in the country.

We not only focus on engineering institutes, but our target area is the entire base of students that are interested in taking electronics as a career option. We are therefore focusing on grass-level training on robotics as well, to ignite young minds and create the brilliant minds of the future.

TECHELEX overall aims to make India a heavyweight in technology, by providing young students with high-quality knowledge and expertise, so that our country can lead the world in electronics. We are on our way to achieving it.

All the technical workshops that we have undertaken has been highly successful, our students have passed out our exams with flying colors, and in turn, we have passed out with them. As you grow, we grow.

Our clients include Colleges, Schools, Private industries as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Education Organization

  1. Mohammed Haji Saboo Siddik Polytechnic
  2. Shri Sant Gadge Baba College of Engineering and Technologies
  3. Everest College of Engineering
  4. IES
  5. New Modern
  6. AEMS
  7. AMF Robotic Society

Private Industries

  1. Dynamic Engineering
  2. Electro Soft Automation
  3. Power Link System
  4. Meraj Industries
  5. HE & SHE Belts Industries
  6. SB Industries
  7. Marvellous Industries