Be Smart, Stay Smart with TECHELEX

We can make your life smarter and easier in every manner with the help of our unique automation techniques and process. Remotely control anything with smartphone or devices.

Experience One-Touch Ambience Control

Change In Mood? Change The Mood!

Remodel your way of living as an aspect of your home. The TECHELEX scene control gives you the ability to alter the ambiance of every room in your home based on your desires. Brighten your lighting, AC, and curtains, so that your ambiance reflects the way you feel.

Alexa “Set Fan to Speed Level 3”

Everyone today feels that they ought to have someone who can single-handedly manage his working routine and perform all his domestic duties when he is relaxing. All the lights, fans, air conditioners, and other devices in your home should have voice control capabilities.

Now, You Can Control Your Surrounding With Your Voice.
Control Your Surrounding with Amazon Alexa.

Live in the Future With Automation

Live in the Future with Philips Hue and Apple Homekit

Control Everything at Your Fingertips

Turn your lamps on, play music or set the temperature on your smart device with the touch of a button.

Run Personalized Schedules

Have your coffee ready when you wake up. Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Experience true intelligence.

Talk to Your Home or Make it Talk.

Just communicate to your voice-controlled digital personal assistant, and your assistant will be at your service–whether it’s ordering food, doing addition, or solving a quadratic equation.

Get Vowed with Seamless Device Controls

Smart Automation Features

Smart Home, Brilliant Possibilities

Is Intelligent

You can also schedule the AC and electrical appliances you set in your phone.

Wi-Fi Control

Our whole system is wireless, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

Provides Survillance

Smart sensors can sense threats and alert you of potential dangers.

Realtime Analytics

Get real-time energy usage data using your smartphone or tablet by week/month basis.

Personalized Setup

We can find the perfect balance, in the middle between what you need and what automation is capable of.

Smooth Installation

TECHELEX Automation System does not require any re-wiring or renovation projects to confirm functionality; just install it.

Online Support

we'll be with you all the way throughout your smart home journey, accessible through chat or email.

Renowned Brands

From the top brands in home automation, we carry carefully selected devices and appliances for your use.

Experience a Smart Home at Zero Risk.